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Company profile

Company profile

RongCheng Jinlin Electric Motor CO.,Ltd is located in Shandong Rongcheng econmic development Zone. It has been a professional electric motor manufacturer and supplier, with it owns research&development.production.marketing as well as service teams.Jinlin motor was founded in 1985,At present,We have more than 60employees.The company was developed,from Rongcheng Chunyuan metal manufactory.After years of development,Rongcheng Chunyuan metal manufactory had been a famous spare parts supplier with HV motor cooler,aluminum fan and all kinds of motors shield and terminal box and so on.Now our products were widely provided for several famous electric motor company in China.What's more.,We have also our own casting factory,We could provide all kinds of customized motor casting spare parts.One the one hand,Our casting could meet our production needs, One the other hand,We could provide these spare parts for other motor factory and partners.At present.Jin Lin motor has a strong research and development strength,modern production and processing,assembly lines,perfect testing equipment,scientific production process layout,strict on-site management and quality examination system.Our products cover 8 series and more than 300 sizes,such as GM3(IE3)series premium efficiency three phase induction motor,GM2(IE2) series high efficiency three phase induction motor,GM(EFF2) series standard efficiency three phase induction motor,YVF2 series variabie frequency three phase induction motor,YD series Multi-Speed three phase induction motor,YEJ series electromagnetic barking three phase induction motor,GA series cast-aiuminum three phase induction motor,Y3 Series low voltage large power three phase induction motor .Our Products are widely used in machine tool,fans,pumps,compressors,packaging machinery,mining machinery,construction machinery,food machinery and other mechanical transmission device.