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Preparation of the motor before starting

Preparation of the motor before starting

Preparationofthemotorbeforestarting  Inordertoensurethenormalandsafestartofthemotor,thefollowingpreparationshouldbemadebeforethestartofthegeneralstart:  (1)checkwhetherthepowersupplyhaselectricity,the

  Preparation of the motor before starting

  In order to ensure the normal and safe start of the motor, the following preparation should be made before the start of the general start:

  (1) check whether the power supply has electricity, the voltage is normal, if the power supply voltage is too high or too low, it is not suitable to start.

  (2) whether the starter is normal, such as whether the parts are damaged, the use is flexible, the contact is good, the wiring is correct, and so on.

  (3) whether the size of the fuse is suitable, whether the installation is firm, or whether the fuse is broken or damaged.

  (4) there is no loosening or oxidation on the joint on the wiring board of the motor.

  (5) check the transmission device, such as whether the belt light tightness is suitable, the connection is firm, the screw of the coupling, the pin fasten, etc.

  (6) the rotor of the drive motor and the rotating shaft of the load machine to see if the rotation of the rotor is flexible.

  (7) check whether the electric motor and the starting electrical enclosure are grounded, whether the grounding wire is broken or whether the earthing screws are loose or falling off.

  (8) move the motor around the debris and remove dust, grease and other surface of the base.

  (9) check whether the load machine is properly prepared.

  (10) for the normal operation of the winding motor, we should always observe the phenomenon of the eccentric swing of the motor slip ring, and observe the abnormal phenomenon of the spark of the slip ring. The carbon brush on the slip ring should be replaced.