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The principle of groove selection

The principle of groove selection

Choosewhattypeofgroove,toseethespecificuseoftheoccasion.  Theefficiencyofstatorslotisshortandfat,inordertoreduceleakageresistanceandimproveoperationefficiency,andtherotorgrooveisaslargeaspossible.Howe

  Choose what type of groove, to see the specific use of the occasion.

  The efficiency of stator slot is short and fat, in order to reduce leakage resistance and improve operation efficiency, and the rotor groove is as large as possible. However, due to the limitation of starting, it has to choose groove shapes such as knife and convex to limit the rapidly rising starting current.

  Frequency conversion, mainly with large groove shape, the maximum torque, without consideration of starting performance, rotor slot selection smooth straight edge large area.

  The principle of lumber, low cost, small groove shape, performance can not only tell the past, but also greatly reduce material consumption, for the general customer.

  Copper shaped, with a small stator slot attached to a double cage rotor, in order to use more aluminum or more iron, less copper