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The cause and treatment of the heating of the motor

The cause and treatment of the heating of the motor

Causeanalysisofmotoroverheatingfailure  (1)theoverheatingofthepowersupplygreatlyincreasestheheatoftheironcore.  Thepowersupplyvoltageistoolow,themotorisrunningwiththeratedload,andthecurrentisheatedbyt

  Cause analysis of motor overheating failure

  (1) the overheating of the power supply greatly increases the heat of the iron core.

  The power supply voltage is too low, the motor is running with the rated load, and the current is heated by the ambassador winding.

  (3) when repairing and dismantling the winding, the heat dismantling method is used unproperly, and the iron core is burned.

  (4) fixing the iron core of the rotor;

  Motor overload or frequent start;

  The cage rotor broken bar;

  The motor phase, two-phase operation;

  The rewind after impregnation stator winding is not sufficient;

  To the ambient temperature high motor surface dirt, or vent plug;

  The motor fan failure, poor ventilation; stator winding fault (phase stator winding interturn short circuit; internal connection error).

  2. motor overheating or smoke fault removal

  (1) reducing the voltage of the power supply (such as adjusting the power transformer taps), if the motor Y and delta connection errors are caused by errors, the connection method should be corrected.

  (2) improving the power supply voltage or changing the power supply wire;

  (3) overhaul the iron core and eliminate the failure;

  Remove the rubbing point (adjustment of air gap or setback, car rotor);

  To reduce the load; control the starting at the specified number of times;

  Inspect and remove the rotor winding fault;

  The recovery phaserunning;

  We used two times impregnation and vacuum impregnation process;

  I clean the motor, improve the environment temperature, the cooling measures;

  The check and repair the fan, replace if necessary; maintenance of stator winding, eliminating fault.