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Division mode of motor classification

Division mode of motor classification

One,accordingtothetypeofworkpowersupply:canbedividedintoDCmotorandACmotor.  TheDCmotorcanbedividedaccordingtothestructureandworkingprinciple:brushlessDCmotorandbrushlessDCmotor.  -----thebrushedDCmoto

  One, according to the type of work power supply: can be divided into DC motor and AC motor.

  The DC motor can be divided according to the structure and working principle: brushless DC motor and brushless DC motor.

  - ---- the brushed DC motor can be divided: permanent magnet DC motor and electromagnetic DC motor.

  - electromagnetic DC Motor Division: Series DC motor and DC motor, DC motor and he compound DC motor.

  Division: permanent magnet DC motor: rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, DC ferrite permanent magnet motor and alnico permanent magnet DC motor.

  The AC motor can also be divided into single phase motor and three phase motor.

  Two. According to the structure and working principle, it can be divided into DC motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor.

  Synchronous motor can be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motor, magnetoresistive synchronous motor and hysteresis synchronous motor.

  Asynchronous motor can be divided: induction motor and AC commutator motor.

  - ---- induction motor can be divided: three phase asynchronous motor, single-phase asynchronous motor and cover pole asynchronous motor and so on.

  - AC commutator machine can be divided into: single-phase series motor, AC and DC motor and repulsion motor.

  Three, according to the way of starting and operation, it is divided into capacitor start single phase asynchronous motor, capacitor run single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor start operation single-phase asynchronous motor and split phase single-phase asynchronous motor.

  Four, divided according to use: drive motor and control motor.

  - drive motor division: electric tools (including drilling, polishing, grinding, slotting, cutting and reaming tools) with motor, household appliances (including washing machine, electric fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, tape recorders, video recorders, video machines, vacuum cleaners, camera, electric wind, electric shaver) motor and other small general machinery and equipment (including all kinds of small machine tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other motor).

  The control motor is divided again: step motor and servo motor.

  Five, according to the structure of the rotor, the cage induction motor (old standard is called squirrel cage asynchronous motor) and the wound rotor induction motor (the old standard is called the winding asynchronous motor).

  Six, according to the speed of operation: high speed motor, low speed motor, constant speed motor, speed motor.