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Problems that should be paid attention to when starting high voltage motor

Problems that should be paid attention to when starting high voltage motor

Problems that should be paid attention to when starting high voltage motor
(1) if the motor is not turned, the power shall be cut off immediately. If we don't hesitate to wait, we can't check the fault of the motor, or it will destroy the motor and danger.
(2) when starting, attention should be paid to the operation of motors, transmission devices, load machines, and the indication of ammeters and voltmeters on lines. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, they should be immediately cut off and checked. After the fault is removed, the carrier will start.
(3) when using a manual compensator or a manual star triangle starter to start a motor, we should pay special attention to the order of operation. It is necessary to push the handle to the starting position first, and then pull the running position after the motor speed is stable, so as to prevent the misoperation and cause the accident of the equipment and the body.
(4) the motor on the same line should not start at the same time. Generally, it should be started from large to small, so as not to start at the same time, so the electric current on the line is too large. Too much voltage is reduced, which causes the difficulty of motor starting to cause the fault of the line or the switching of the switch equipment.
(5) when starting, if the rotation direction of the motor is reversed, it should cut off the power immediately, and change the position of any two of the three-phase power line, so that the motor turn can be changed.